Simple timer for Everyone

You can check IoT devices and applications with an easy operation.

Great Versatility

You can use Watchdog simply by calling the API from HTTP(S).

Calling the API is possible on various types of equipment, devices, and applications, such as server applications and smartphones, as well as IoT devices.

The timer works well for checking the normality of applications that require a long processing time or a periodic data exchange and for running monitoring services.

Settings are Easy

The timer can be operated using HTTP(S) with a general programming language. As long as your environment allows communication through HTTP(S), you can use an application and operate the timer from your smartphone or IoT device.

Any Notification Method You Like

When the timer cannot be stopped within a specified time, you can choose a notification method from a number of choices.

  • Notification by E-mail
  • Notification with Slack
  • Webhook

Webhook allows you to call outside applications using a notification from Watchdog as the trigger.

How to Use the Watchdog Timer

You only need 3 minutes from registering to device monitoring.

  • 1

    User Registration

    You can use either your Google account, GitHub account, or e-mail address to sign up.

  • 2

    Do a Sample Test

    Go to a sample page to do a sample test.

  • 3

    Confirm Notification

    You will receive an e-mail notification if the timer does not stop within 60 seconds. This notification is sent to the e-mail address you provide when you register.


You can use a number of useful functions, as shown below:


How long you wish to retain your history depends on your plan.

E-mail Notification

Available for notification by e-mail

Slack Notification

Available for notification with Slack. Also, you can mention specific members.


You can connect with outside systems using Webhook.

Primary Support

You will receive primary support from our operators 24/7 (Custom Plan only).


Grouping by projects is possible. Project-by-project billing is also possible.


One project can be shared by multiple people.


The API is made simple to facilitate timer operation and introduction of the timer to existing systems.

Time Zone

You can set a different time zone for each project.

Many Possible Uses

The Watchdog Timer can be used in as many ways as you want.

Watching Data

Are you receiving data that is being sent to you on a regular basis? The Watchdog Timer works in the IoT world, where everything from TV to sensory data is connected to each other.

Checking Applications

The Watchdog Timer detects and notifies you of freezing and the abnormal ending of applications. Easy operation with the simple API lets you check existing applications.

Supported by Operators

In the Custom Plan, you are eligible to receive primary support from operators 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you can tackle any unexpected problems. We are here to help you protect your important applications and devices.


Watchdog offers a trial plan that you can join now.

Trial Plan

Free *1

  • Up to 10 timer-setting times per minute
  • 10-second timer at the shortest period
  • Five-minute timer at the longest period
  • History saved for up to 24 hours
  • Metric for up to 20 items
  • Up to 20 E-mail notifications per 24 hours
  • Credit card payment
  • Technical support available on weekdays
  • Primary support from operators 24/7

Custom Plan


  • No limitation on the number of timer setting times
  • One-second timer at the shortest period
  • No limitation to timer time
  • No limitation to history retention
  • No limitation to metric
  • No limitation to the number of e-mail notifications
  • Any payment method
  • Continuous 24/7 technical support
  • Primary support from operators 24/7
*1 There is a case in which the free trial period finishes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I monitor a device that sends data periodically?

Set the timer at the same time that the device sends data.

For example, when you are using a device that sends data every 60 seconds, set the timer time at 70 seconds and then extend it as soon as the device sends the data. If the device stops, a notification will be sent in 70 seconds as the timer time will not be extended.

How can I monitor an application that does not normally end within a specified time?

Set the timer as soon as the application starts. When the application ends, cancel the timer.

If the application does not end until a specified time, the timer will notify you of an abnormality. When you want to take an action in the case of an abnormality, use POST by HTTP(S).

Can I execute a command when an abnormality is detected?

When an abnormality is detected by Webhook, you can executePOST by HTTP(S).

Also, you can create end points to repair an application or call AWS Lambda.

Can I send an e-mail to multiple destinations?

Yes. It is possible to send an e-mail to multiple destinations and to do POST with Slack and HTTP(S) at the same time as sending e-mails.

What happens if I request a change in my plan in any given month?

When you change your plan from Trial to Standard, the month’s charge is calculated on a 30-day pro rata basis.

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